We specialize in making playable musical artifacts for artists who are passionate about their music, but are not yet able to sell 500+ records, or who want to make unique, limited ARTifacts.

It is important to us to help you find a project that will fit your budget. Many bands choose one-sided records and silkscreen the b-side, or choose short songs to minimize cost.

Perfect as a special, limited edition item for tour merch & as rewards for Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Pledgemusic, etc!

Please do not ask us to cut anything racist, homophobic, or otherwise small minded. That stuff is real stupid.

- Short Run lathe cut records
- Minimum order of 20 copies
- All records come in clear plastic sleeves

About Lathe Cut Records:
These are not a direct substitute for pressed records. These are 100% hand-made, in real time. If the record is 10 minutes long, it took 10 minutes to cut plus setup time. This labor, coupled with the maintenance and knowledge required makes these lathe-cuts more expensive (per piece) than a larger pressing of vinyl. The benefits are minimums that are much lower (20 vs 300+), turnaround time is quicker (usually 1 month or less vs 4+ months), and the format is more flexible (shapes, picture discs, etc).

These records should be treated like, and priced as unique works of art. It is like the difference between selling a cheap gift shop print of a painting and an original artist print of that painting.

Please read the FAQ section before emailing!

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